Carol & Walter Willans

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Recreational Structured Partner Dancing (RSPD)

BREAKING NEWS: Due to matters outside our control, ALL dancing at Crown St, Holland Park, has NOW been CANCELLED – till further notice.

Thank you sincerely for all your support to-date – Carol & Walter




OT/NV/English Sequence Practice Dancing.
*For more information call Mobile: 0439 112 405 or Email: [email protected]

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  1. Peter Stannard

    My wife and I ballroom and Latin dance but do not Sequence Dance. Waltz; Foxtrot; Tango; Quickstep (limited); Cha Cha; Rhumba; Samba; Swing. I would describe us as quite competent Social Dancers.

    I came across your site via Pauline’s Dancers Gig Guide and am certainly interested in the event this Saturday night. I just wondered whether it is predominantly Sequence Dancing or whether there is ample capacity for individual dancing?

    Hopefully look forward to attending this Saturday.

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